We asked U of C students to give us the inside scoop on yummy eats around campus

Sep 3 2021, 4:18 pm

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One of the things we love about Calgary is the city’s always-evolving food scene, with something to suit every taste preference and budget.

Whether it’s a coffee (and a freshly baked pastry) to go or a sit-down meal you’re after, there’s sure to be cafes and restaurants nearby with menu items to match your cravings. But have you ever considered the many foodie destinations located near the University of Calgary (U of C)?

To shine a light on the delicious foods available in and around U of C ahead of the return to campus this fall, we asked U of C students to share their top-rated must-eats. Here’s what they said and why each appetizing item is worth trying.

Chicken satay sub from Bake Chef Co.

Chicken satay sub from Bake Chef Co.

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Located in the MacEwan Student Centre building (Mac Hall) is a spot favoured by students: Bake Chef Co. This Vietnamese restaurant is known for its cult-worthy subs — freshly baked demi-baguettes loaded with fragrant ingredients. In the past, the eatery has sold up to 400 orders during a single busy day.¬†

Aman Kapila, a U of C Communications student in his final year, says the chicken satay sub from Bake Chef is one of the must-eats around U of C. “It is sweet and spicy at the same time — a perfect combo. It fills you up so you will be good for most of the day,” he says.

“Bake Chef also has buns, and these buns are a massive mood booster. If you have a tough day and stop for a chicken bun, somehow, the world is a little brighter,” says Kapila.

Spicy chicken and beef combo at Korean BBQ House

Spicy chicken and beef combo at Korean BBQ House

Brian Kim Photography/Shutterstock

Mac Hall’s second-floor food court is also home to Korean BBQ House, a restaurant dishing up everything from BBQ-style meat dishes to hearty noodle soups, salads, and more. It’s no surprise, then, that this food spot is favoured by students for meals between and after classes.

Ivona Ly, a recent U of C graduate who majored in Operations Management, says her go-to on campus is the spicy chicken and beef combo at the Korean BBQ House. “The spicy chicken and beef combo comes with two scoops of rice and two side dishes,” she tells us.

One of the main draws to this combo for Ly? “It was really filling, and the potatoes/side dishes are so good!”

Pizza at Pizza 73


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Back in 1985, Pizza 73 started in Alberta with just one store, and since then, the eatery has expanded beyond the province to open over 80 stores across Western Canada. With this growth came the transformation of its menu, now offering over 25 varieties of specialty pizza.

U of C Commerce graduate Michael Sykora tells Daily Hive Pizza 73 is one of his favourite food spots near campus. And when you place an order for a pie at this pizza joint, you can choose between five different styles of crust (thin, traditional pan, super pan, sesame seed, gluten-free) and seven different types of sauce — from BBQ to pesto.

Of course, ordering anything from a pie to sides like salads or potato wedges can be done in-store using contactless payment with Interac Debit.

Milkshakes from Carl’s Jr.

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Born from humble beginnings, Carl’s Jr. began as a hot dog cart back in 1941. Today, the restaurant chain, which is known for its charbroiled burgers, serves customers across Canada and beyond. 

Here in Calgary, Carl’s Jr. has a U of C location on University Drive. Maria Mapiz, an International Business and Psychology student, says among her favourite foods around campus are the milkshakes served up at Carl‚Äôs Jr. ¬†

For anyone who has yet to try a milkshake at Carl’s Jr., these tasty hand-scooped ice cream shakes come in strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, and Oreo flavours.

Matcha Latte at Higher Ground Cafe


Calgary‚Äôs Higher Ground Cafe was established in 1982 and ever since then, it has been committed to ensuring its coffee is organic, fair trade, and Rainforest Alliance Certified. With two locations in the city, it’s committed to promoting community, the work of local artists, and serving a menu of delicious eats, specialty coffee, cold brew, and tea misto.

Laurel McLean, a Bachelor of Communications and Media Studies graduate, says the matcha latte from Higher Ground Cafe just across Crowchild Trail from U of C is her favourite treat.

“It’s delicious,” she notes, with the cafe being “a nice spot to get off campus for a break.”

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