The 10 highest paying jobs in Calgary

Mar 13 2017, 9:59 pm

What do physicians, tax managers, and superintendents have in common?

The answer, if is to be believed, is that they all have pretty healthy bank balances.

The job site giant ranked Calgary’s best paid jobs using information collated from the average salary listed for job postings from 2015 through February 2017.

Here’s the full rundown of the 10 best paid jobs in Calgary right now, according to average salary listed on

  • Physician – $227,036
  • Financial Modeler – $165,062
  • Director of Business Development – $142,563
  • General Practitioner – $120,635
  • Tax Manager – $119,237
  • Senior Project Manager– $117,080
  • Direct Sales Representative – $115,086
  • Construction Manager – $113,720
  • Superintendent – $113,716
  • Quality Assurance Manager – $110,830

“Calgary is home to the highest head office and small business concentration per capita in Canada,” said Jodi Kasten, Managing Director of Indeed Canada. “While physicians earn most, we found that roles in business development, sales and finance are very well paid here.”