Young Calgarians are open to making big changes in their careers. Here’s what we know

May 8 2023, 8:15 pm

Whether you’re looking to expand your skills to secure a better position at your company, or are looking to gain new credentials to switch industries, young Canadians are open to making big changes when it comes to their careers.

The Haskayne School of Business at the University of Calgary recently commissioned a survey from Abacus Data to get young Canadians’ perspectives on career shifts and making big changes.

This survey has shown that post-pandemic, 47% of Canadians and 51% of Calgarians under the age of 29 say they’re open to “big life changes.” If you feel the same, the Haskayne School of Business is ready to help young Canadians feel more comfortable, take the leap, and make that big change.

A big change can be scary, especially when it comes to your career, but while career changes cause more anxiety in young people in Calgary, one out of every four are excited at the prospect of a career change.

The driving motive for a shift in your career is different for everyone, but one of the most common factors that are pushing most Calgarians to make a career change is financial growth (80%), work/life balance (68%), and learning/growth opportunities (45%).

At the Haskayne School of Business, they offer several graduate programs led by award-winning professors and industry experts that will help give you a competitive edge and stand out for the job or promotion you want — and potentially reap some incredible financial outcomes too.

Students who graduate with a Master of Management (MMgmt) degree can experience a dramatic salary increase. Results from a 2023 Haskayne MMgmt graduate student survey revealed that the 2021-2022 cohort reported an average salary increase of $24,261 post-graduation.

Financial growth is also a common outcome for Haskayne alumni from other graduate programs too. Just ask Paige Greenhough, a Global Marketing and Communications Manager at Hatch and a 2020 MBA graduate of the Haskayne School of Business.

“After completing my Haskayne MBA, I was promoted to Global Marketing and Communications Manager and am making nearly $20,000 more.”

But getting a new degree can be challenging, and for some, the process to just enrol is daunting. In fact, 55% of Calgarians say that one of their biggest barriers to a career change is the effort it requires. Luckily, Haskayne School of Business offers flexible MBA programs — like Evening, Accelerated, or Executive MBA programs — to help you level up your credentials.

Another big factor that’s preventing Calgarians from a career shift is finances at 51%. While there are plenty of financial aid options available, those working for an employer based in Alberta qualify for the Canada-Alberta Job Grant, which can help cover two-thirds of your tuition at Haskayne School of Business — up to $10,000 every fiscal year.

If you’re looking to advance your skills or make a big career change, check out the graduate business programs available at the Haskayne School of Business to get a premium educational experience that provides lasting value and strong business connections.

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