Football prognosticating panda predicts winner of Grey Cup game (VIDEO)

Nov 24 2017, 8:48 pm

With the CFL’s best record in 2017, the 13-4-1 Calgary Stampeders are seven-point favourites heading into Sunday’s Grey Cup game against the Toronto Argonauts (9-9-0).

But I know what you’re wondering. What does Da Mao the panda think?

The folks at the Toronto Zoo asked themselves the same question, getting the football prognosticating panda to pick a winner. The panda was presented with two “enrichment” footballs filled with treats – one with an Argonauts logo, another one with a Stampeders logo – with the one he ate from first being declared the winner.

You’ll never guess which football this Toronto panda picks…

The potentially psychic panda is just one part of the fun of Grey Cup week.

On Wednesday, Toronto and Calgary’s mayors engaged in a friendly bet that will involve one of them reading a poem in the other team’s jersey. On Friday evening, Calgary will be sending a horse into an Ottawa hotel – keeping up with a decades-long tradition.

Eventually they’ll get down to playing the game, to crown the champion of Canadian football.

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