Giant Minion causes road incident in Ireland

Dec 19 2017, 2:30 am

Residents in Dublin, Ireland were witnesses to a giant Minion that flew loose into oncoming traffic on Swords Road, according to the The Irish Times. There had been a report that the 10-metre-long inflatable Minion had come loose from its moorings on Monday and fell, creating quite the scene.

Minions are known to be trouble makers in the series Despicable Me, but who would have guessed that they could cause havoc in the real world.

The Irish Times mentioned that it was particularly windy that day and the Minion had fallen from a local fair that brings football to their villages.

One vehicle’s side mirrors was knocked off, but otherwise there were no injuries due to the incident, according to The Journal.

City Councillor McAuliffe stated that he referred the situation to the City Council’s planning enforcement department to further investigate the planning regulations and to look at whether appropriate health and safety measures were taken.

“It seems like one of those innocent ‘silly season’ stories but I am very concerned that such a large object was allowed escape onto a busy main road,” McAuliffe told The Irish Times. “There could have been far more serious consequences.”  

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