Eagle-eyed Game of Thrones fans spotted a coffee cup in last night's episode

May 6 2019, 2:06 pm

Part of the allure of Game of Thrones is the infinite theories that stem from each episode. In season’s past, fans could ponder Jon Snow’s true heritage or the Night King’s motivation.

After last night’s episode, some eagle-eyed GoT fans could be asking themselves other important questions:

Is there a Dunkin Donuts beyond The Wall? Or a Tim Hortons in King’s Landing?

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As viewers tuned in to watch the aftermath of the Battle of Winterfell unfold, some GoT fans have been mocking the popular HBO show after they spotted a prop that doesn’t exactly belong in the Game of Thrones universe.

Early on in episode four of the Game of Thrones final season, a coffee cup can be seen on a table in front of Daenays Targaryen and the Internet, as it often does, has collectively taken stabs at the mistake.

Because in a world full of flying dragons, hundred-year-old witches, and returning from the dead, misplaced coffee cups are just too good to overlook.

Imagine Starbucks employees trying to properly spell “Daenarys” during a busy morning shift? Here’s how the Twitter world reacted to the Westeros coffee cup.

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