This smartphone offers the best new way to binge-watch your favourite shows

Dec 25 2017, 4:37 am

Winter is finally here.

For us Canadians, that means the binge-watching season is in full swing. (It’s okay if you’re secretly delighted… you’re not the only one.)

And now there’s a new way that you can watch your go-to shows, from anywhere in the world. It doesn’t involve carrying your laptop or tablet with you, and you don’t need to be near a TV. Nope, you can get the ultimate cinematic experience right from your smartphone – with the Samsung Galaxy Note8.

Designed with¬†6.3-inch infinity display, the phone has the largest screen created by the brand (for a Note device) to-date.¬†And with a surface composed of 83% screen comes next-level capabilities. So to help you see why the Galaxy Note8 is the best new way to watch your favourite shows, we’ve compiled a list of five killer features that come along with it.

Hand-held viewing

The Galaxy Note8 has been carefully designed with user experience at the core of each section. This starts with the¬†phone‚Äôs 10nm mobile processor that works with the¬†6GB RAM, allowing you to search the web, download files, and stream shows faster. And since the phone has a narrow body with symmetrical curves and an 18.5:9 aspect ratio, it fits comfortably in your hand. Plus, the ‘home’ button lies beneath the infinity display, almost¬†invisible until you need it. This means you can actually plug in and get watching shows on your transit journey, on the beach, at the park, or anywhere else in the world – all on a bigger screen.

Cinematic experience

You don’t need to go to a movie theatre to enjoy a cinematic experience now because this smartphone features an¬†Ultra HD Certified Quad HD and Super AMOLED infinity display. The result? You get breathtaking viewing experience with true, vibrant colour contrasts. When you view the screen in landscape mode, it offers a 14% wider viewing area than the Note5 that makes for a richer experience that will draw you in. And the phone has been certified by the UHD Alliance as a Mobile HDR Premium device. All you have to do is stick an episode of Riverdale on, sit back, and enjoy an immersive video experience – all in the palm of your hand. Then maybe let another episode roll in… and another.

You can take notes

Whether you consider yourself a massive Stranger Things fan, if you’re a real movie buff,¬†an artist, or even a creative working in the film or media industry, you can take notes during and after you’ve watched your favourite show. In fact, you can take a screen capture of a scene and write your thoughts down on the image with the intelligent stylus pen and then send it straight to your friend or co-worker. And since the pen is waterproof, you can channel your inner Roger Ebert anywhere, rain or shine.

Dual app usage

You don’t have to compromise your social life just because you’re watching an episode of Ozark. In fact, you keep your Instagram feed open at the same time, meaning you’ll never miss a thing. The Galaxy Note8 features a multi-window mode so you can actually use two apps at the same time with¬†full keyboard capability. This feature comes with the luxury of app pairing so you can open your favourite¬†apps¬†simultaneously. And when you’re finished movie mode you could switch gears to open a music app and online¬†shopping. You know what they say – two apps are better than one.

Perfect for choosing what to watch

The Galaxy Note8 has a design optimized for lists so this means you can view more and scroll less. It’s ideal for those days when you can’t choose what you want to binge-watch and you need to spend a little longer scrolling through YouTube or reviews online. Or, if you’re simply going through social media, the tall display makes it effortlessly easy. In other words, this is the ideal phone for viewing any and all types of video.

To find out more about the Samsung Galaxy Note8 and to order yours, visit Samsung Canada now. Check out Samsung Canada on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, to get the latest updates.

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