Traveling soon? Here are WiFi passwords to most major city airports

Oct 7 2016, 3:31 am

One of the biggest pet peeves about traveling from airport to airport is the lack of WiFi access.

Considering how modern a plethora of today’s airports are, it’s pretty incredible that WiFi connections are still lacklustre at best or need to be paid for.

But travel blogger Anil Polat is here to save the day.

Being a travel bug himself and on top of that a computer security engineer (makes sense), Polat created an interactive map of airports from around that world where you can find free WiFi with a password.

Yes, we said FREE!

The best part is that Polat updates the map regularly as many of his readers send him updates of passwords they themselves track down while on the go.

So how does it work? Simple. On the map below, click the airport you are traveling to and a pop-up window will provide you with information on where you can get the best Wi-Fi connection along with the password.

Say goodbye to maxing out your hotspot!

Karolina JezKarolina Jez

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