5 food trucks to track down in Calgary

Dec 19 2017, 11:26 am

With nice weather finally hitting Calgary the city’s convoy of food trucks are back on the streets, offering their delectable and often irresistible fare on four wheels.

Here is list of new and returning roving food trucks to hunt down this summer.

New Food Trucks

Bangers Xpress

An all chicken meat menu is what you can find at this new food truck. Although Bangers Xpress does not have a permanent location as of yet, the mobile eatery plans to park around 11th Avenue SW (between 5th and 8th Streets). Breakfast diners who stop by can order the Breakfast Banger (a naan wrap filled with chopped chicken sausage, scrambled egg, cheddar cheese, and an array of sauces). To complete the picture request a side of YamO’s, light tempura battered yam slices.

Twitter: @BangerXpress


Pinoy Pride

This brightly coloured food truck serves an array of authentic Filipino offerings. Dishes include a fluffy pillowy steamed bun stuffed with adobo pork. Other items on the menu include chargrilled chicken or pork covered in a sweet and sticky sauce or a sweet wrap combining bananas and caramel. Find the truck via the Street Food App.

Twitter: @PinoyPrideft

Returning Favourites

Waffle & Chix

With a name like Waffles & Chix it’s no wonder that this restaurant on wheels delivers a menu full of waffle combos. Aside from offering a traditional chicken and waffle plate, the food truck also takes the sandwiched approach to this Southern staple. Customers can opt for Waffles & Chix’s mouth-stretching Cheezy Waffle Sandwich, which is comprised of Southern fried chicken, creamy coleslaw, and maple syrup, sandwiched between two cheese Brussels waffles.

Twitter: @wafflesandchix


The Naaco Truck

Naaco is the tasty telling of the tale of when naan met taco. This Indi-Mexi street food is all about vibrant flavours and colours. The menu features warm naan filled with offerings like butter chicken, madras beef, and pork vindaloo.

Twitter: @eatnaaco

Cheezy Bizness

As the name suggests, this Calgary-based food truck handles some very cheesy offerings. Customers can tuck into classic grilled cheese sandwiches like the Say Cheese!, a greasy and delicious mix of cheddar and gruyere cheese sandwiched between two slices of sourdough bread from Calgary-based Engel’s Bakery. Other options include The Big Cheese, a more gourmet variation made up of a pimento cheese, cheddar, and gruyere combo, dill pickles, and shaved red onion.

Phone: 403-826-0226
Twitter: @cheezybiz

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