7 epic food challenges to take on in Calgary

Dec 19 2017, 11:10 am

Did you see the 30 lb Burrito Challenge that went viral across the web last fall? Weighing in at an impossible 25,000 calories, ain’t nobody got time for that.

What about the video of the cute university student demolishing a burger bigger than her head in under 10 minutes? UK student Kate has an entire YouTube channel dedicated to her food challenges, that has seen her also destroy huge portions of fish and chips and chomp through a 27″ pizza.

[youtube id=”Fz0m0mL7Qc8″]

If you fancy yourself a competitive eater of sorts, there are plenty of places in Calgary where you can go. Eat donair, polish off some poutine with a burger, or fill up on grilled cheese…and get your picture on the wall and walk away without paying.

Here are 7 food challenges in Calgary you’ll need to unbuckle your belt for:

Rita Challenge at The Canadian Brewhouse

The Rita Challenge serves up six patties on their McBurger, with all the fixings, and a large poutine. It’s $30 if you don’t eat it all, or you can have it for free if you finish it in an hour. Does it look easy? That’s 5 1/2 pounds of food, son.

Mega Cat’s Ass Burger at The Cat ‘N Fiddle Pub



#catnfiddlepub #foodchallenge #yyc eat it in 15 min and it’s FREE! Downside.. It’s 1.7 kilos. #eatallthefood


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The Mega Cat’s Ass Burger weighs in at more than 3 pounds. It starts with a loaded burger, an extra 8-ounce patty, extra onion rings, cheese, bacon, banana peppers, BBQ turkey, carved ham, grilled cheese AND an egg. AND fries. You’ve got 15 minutes to eat it or it’ll cost you $35. It’s not that hard, the record for finishing it all is down around seven minutes.

Pig Challenge at Pig And Duke

The Pig Challenge means you have to eat a sandwich made from two half-pound patties, some pulled pork, guacamole, smoked bacon, cheese, and a pickle. And fries. You’ve got 40 minutes to get your name on the wall of fame and not pay, or else it costs you $29.

Texas Deadman Challenge at Rylie’s Cattle Barn


Our Friend River is about to take the ‘Texas Deadman Challenge!” Good Luck Buddy! #ryliescattlebarn

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Head on down to Okotoks to give your belly a shot at the Texas Deadman Challenge. They’ll give you eight minutes to crush through three Texas Deadman burgers. The catch? A Texas Deadman has two Texas toast grilled cheese sandwiches forming the bun. The bottom grilled cheese comes with bacon and chili-pepper cheese, the top sandwich comes with jalapeños and smoked cheddar. In the centre is a half-pound prime rib patty with lettuce, tomato, fried onions and Rylie’s homemade Blazin’ Bud sauce. 20 people in five years have tried to pick up the trophy, t-shirt, and free meal. All have failed.

D-Rex Challenge at Uncle Moe’s Donairs

The D-Rex challenge is beef donair loaded with 1kg of beef (that’s more than two pounds). Uncle Moe will give you 45 minutes to eat it. Finish it off and it’s free and you get your name on the wall of fame. Fail and it’s $40.

Double Decker at Upper Deck


Pub chefs have a thing about making burgers with grilled cheese sandwiches instead of buns. Witness the $33 Double Decker: Two 8oz prime rib patties, onion rings, cheddar, sautéed garlic mushrooms, lettuce, tomato, pickles and house dressing nestled between two grilled cheese sandwiches. Served with poutine. Eat it and you win a t-shirt and get your name on the wall. You’ll also owe them $33 for the privilege win or lose.

Fatboy Classic One Pound challenge at Kane’s Harley Diner

Tackling the 1lb. Fat Boy Burger at Kane’s! Aftermath picture to follow…

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The Fatboy Classic One Pound challenge should be easy to finish for any hungry Harley fan. It’s a one pound patty with mushrooms, cheese, bun, and bacon. $18 on its own, or $22 with a milkshake. You’re eating for bragging rights here, you’ll get your name on the wall if you finish it, but you’ll still get a bill.

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