Fentanyl overdose leaves Calgary teen with significant brain damage

Dec 19 2017, 2:32 am

A Calgary teen has been in hospital for more that 3 weeks, suffering with significant brain damage and is nearly paralyzed from just one dose of fentanyl, Global News reports.

18-year-old Anthony Hampton, thought he was taking OxyContin for the first time but Police believe that the street drug contained a deadly narcotic fentanyl. Fentanyl is being added to other drugs and killing or seriously injuring people at alarming frequencies. There are many people taking Fentanyl without even realizing.

Parents of Anthony are speaking out to warn the public about the dangers of taking street drugs.

Reg Hampton, Anthony’s father and CTV journalist, has been by his sons side throughout the whole ordeal. For now the 18-year-old can only move his toes and his hands side to side on command. He is also able to whisper a few words, if his tracheostomy is plugged. Unfortunately, MRI scans show that Anthony has permanent brain damage.

In a post on Facebook, Reg Hampton writes about Anthony’s story.

“We all blame ourselves. As a dad (and as someone in the news!) I feel as though I failed him. How could he think it’s okay to take a pill you buy off the street, especially with all of the terrible stories out there. But when you are 18 you are invincible and parents blow everything out of proportion,” Hampton wrote.

Hampton told Global that Anthony’s text messages indicated that he had wanted to buy marijuana but the dealer was sold out, so the dealer suggested something harder and Anthony took a chance.

Reg Hampton’s post says the police had told him “the dealer is now dead – he was stabbed to death at a party the next weekend.”

Global reports that Anthony is currently out of intensive care and is going through physio and respiratory therapy. It is not known how much Anthony will improve over time but there is hope he will continually get better everyday.




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