This new vintage marketplace is like a treasure hunt for adults

May 7 2021, 11:34 am

Calling all vintage lovers and antique hunters! A brand new YYC marketplace brings a way to shop thousands of items in one convenient location, and you’ll find new treasures around every corner.

Ella Grace Marketplace opened its doors in Calgary last weekend, offering up vintage goods and antique wares from various cool local vendors.

“It’s a museum, a gallery, a funhouse, and a marketplace all in one!” reads a press release from Ella Grace Marketplace (EGM), and they couldn’t be more right.

The 12,000-square-foot showroom features two levels with antique, vintage, mid-century, hand-crafted, and up-cycled items from 60 established vendors filling the space.

Unlike markets that specifically target women with hand-crafted or cosmetic items or the elderly with older collectibles and antiques,” reads the press release, “Ella Grace Marketplace is a new, vibrant retailer that will additionally appeal to a younger demographic, those intrigued by fun and unique, aged items.”

If you can name it, you’ll find it at EGM. The marketplace boasts furniture, kitchenware, jewelry, oil and gas memorabilia, books, records, games, clothes, cameras, and much more.

EGM owners Dawn and Merrill Dynes run another business, Ella Grace Estate Consulting, and have a warehouse in the city where they have previously stored and sold goods acquired while clearing out their clients’ homes.

The couple has grown their passion for collecting from their early days as the Farmhouse Pickers to helping local, like-minded people by creating the popular, pre-pandemic Vintage Redefined Market weekends.

Dawn and Merrill are devoted supporters of fellow collectors and the “shop local” movement, helping to create sustainable consumerism. “They are passionate in their belief that everyone should have the opportunity to succeed,” reads the press release.

The idea behind the marketplace, along with giving the couple a consumer location to sell their wares out of, is to foster an environment of “community over competition.”

EGM offers vendors a space to sell their goods in a time when many have struggled to turn profits. Due to current public health measures, many markets and other happenings where vendors would typically operate haven’t been permitted.

Antique dealers and collectors have come together to thematically create and stock their individual “rooms” within the marketplace to showcase their treasures available for sale.

EGM also plans to host several engaging customer attractions, including online and live contests and door prizes, dress-up days, on-site roadshows, and car boot weekends where the general public can sell their own once-loved items.

Ella Grace Marketplace is located centrally at 7271 12th Street SE, near Costco and Trail Appliances in Deerfoot Meadows. They’re open seven days a week from 10 am to 6 pm for “treasure hunters” to browse through the broad and eclectic collection.

“The go-to destination for unique, unusual, and exceptional items that have travelled through time,” as stated in their press release, invites Calgarians young and old to check out this one-of-a-kind space.

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