This luxury coach service will change the way you travel

Dec 18 2018, 5:20 pm

Alberta is hands-down one of the most beautiful places to live in Canada, and for that reason alone, you should be exploring it. Let’s be real, people travel across the world to come to this province!

So the next time you have a day or two off, why not go out and remind yourself why you love living here? You don’t need to have a car to do that because there’s an Alberta-based, family-owned, luxury coach company that can take you where you need to go — Red Arrow.

When you travel with Red Arrow, you’re doing it in style. Here’s why:

It’s Canada’s only luxury motor coach passenger service

Red Arrow will be turning 40 in July 2019, and it remains the only business class motor coach service in Canada.

With free WiFi, reclining leather seats (the ability to choose your seats in advance — for free), washrooms, seat belts, complimentary snacks and refreshments that you can enjoy on fold-down tray tables instead of on your lap, and on-board movies, the coaches have everything that you’d expect from a luxury airline.

If you’re travelling and want to work or sit alone, join a conference call, or check your email in privacy, that’s not a problem because Red Arrow coaches have an exclusive privacy row. And if you’re travelling regularly for work, you can set up a corporate account that allows you to make last-minute cancellations when a meeting or event has been rescheduled.

All coaches are wheelchair accessible and Red Arrow offers a range of pricing for adults, seniors, children, and university students, as well as AMA and bulk pricing with Express Packs (of prepaid tickets). Plan your next trip via Red Arrow now.

Less concerned about the extra amenities? Try Ebus

Not everyone desires to travel in luxury, and you don’t have to. In 2011, Ebus was introduced to offer a more economical travel solution for those less focused on extra amenities, but with the same customer service that Red Arrow offers.

Travelling with Ebus still gives you extra legroom and WiFi, and there are also washrooms onboard so you don’t have to keep wondering when the next gas station stop will be. Like Red Arrow, safety is at the core of Ebus, and it’s at the heart of everything this people-transportation company does.

In terms of pricing, Ebus offers the same reasonable fare for everyone, with a 5% discount if you book online. This provides complete transparency to you with no hidden fees, confusion, and a consistent price for each route, year-round.

Plus, with Ebus, you can visit everywhere from Edmonton to Red Deer, Edmonton Airport, and even CrossIron Mills. Are we fuelling your desire to travel through Alberta yet? Book your tickets here.