This is the earliest that the sun will set in Calgary all winter

Dec 10 2020, 10:20 am

The days of darkening skies are soon to be behind us.

We’re currently experiencing the earliest time that the sun will set in Calgary all year, at a dark and early 4:29 pm, according to

While the total length of sunlight per day will still be getting shorter – due to later sunrises until the Winter Solstice on December 21 – sunsets will only get later and later from here on out.


Sunrise and sunset times in Calgary (

We’ll be seeing a 4:29 pm sunset for the next week or so, but once December 17 hits, we can expect an extra minute of evening sunlight.

Not quite the 9:55 pm sunset we’re used to seeing around the end of June, but hey, it’s a start, people.

That daily commute home (or end of the WFH workday) will see some sun again soon enough, we promise.