The top 5 dog-friendly parks in Calgary

Jul 7 2017, 8:08 pm

As usual, your dog’s tail has gone wild when you eagerly enter your home’s front door.

He’s eager to jump on your lap, do a few tricks to score a treat, and enjoy some quality time with his owner. But you know what he really wants the most: some high-quality food and a walk.

Food? Check. Leash? Check. Runners? Check.

Now you’re all set and ready to go. But the only issue is that you can’t take your dog off his leash in many Calgary parks.

Thankfully there are a select few and we’ve compiled a list of the top five to make your next outing with your pooch effortless.

Nose Hill Park

Located on 14th Street, Nose Hill Park is actually one of the biggest municipal parks in Canada. With that being said, it’s the perfect place to take your four-legged friend for an evening stroll. With a number of dedicated off-leash areas, your dog can get a good run around in while you take in the epic skyline vistas.

Bowmont Park

This park lies along the northern bank of the River Bow, covering a massive 164 hectares. As a result, it offers some incredible trails and paths where you can walk your dog along the river and beyond. There’s also a fenced area where your dog can go wild off-leash or even take a dip in the river.

Edworthy Park

Edworthy Park/Shutterstock

Edworthy Park has a prime location along the south shore of the Bow River. It’s easily accessible from downtown and once you get there you can take your canine friend on a walk along the beautiful Douglas Fir trail. The views as you walk don’t disappoint either.

Auburn Bay Park

Located on Auburn Bay Drive, you can take your pooch here so they can exert their energy to the max and roam freely off their leash. Take a stroll around the lake and through the meadows to feel some true country vibes and escape from the bustle of the city right in your hometown’s backyard.

Elliston Park


Elliston Park is located along 17 Avenue and it’s a haven for walking your dog. It’s open until 11 pm so it’s ideal to visit this grassy park in the evening after work. Stroll around the lake or play with Toby in the off-leash area. And yes, you might have to play catch once or twice because, well, just look at that face.