Local grocer names products after well-known Calgary-isms

Sep 22 2020, 2:09 pm

Many factors make Calgary a special place to live, but how we unite to support each other during difficult times makes it to the top of the list.

Now more than ever, we can help contribute to the success of the small business owners, farmers, and entrepreneurs who bolster our community. Calgary Co-op understands this model of support well; it continues to serve locals quality products and brands more than 60 years after opening its first location.

The retail cooperative recently launched two new and exclusive brands, Cal & Gary’s and Founders & Farmers, bringing the total number of private label products available in-store to 600 and growing. But what truly sets these brands (only available in Alberta) apart is how they have been curated for Calgarians.

The inspiration behind the new Cal & Gary’s brand was our fair city. Knowing that most Calgarians are not daily steak eaters, the label offers a substantial selection of products for every kind of preference — all with a key focus on freshness, quality, and flavour.¬†This includes organic and unique products that are not often replicated in mainstream brands.

Meanwhile, the Founders & Farmers label came to life when a couple of foodies discovered a better way to serve their loved ones. The same individuals poured their dedication into starting Calgary Co-op many years ago, and today, they’re working to ensure locals can find everyday value in quality products.

Calgary’s culinary scene has evolved over the years, catering to its changing population. Locals can now find a little spark of joy at the grocery store and in the kitchen with the Calgary-isms featured in products by both of the new labels. This includes snack foods named after major routes, like¬†Macleod Trail Mix, Stoney Trail Mix,¬†and¬†Shaganappi Trail Mix.

C&G Organic Brown Eggs have a tagline Calgarians can relate to during those long winter months (“Ready to Crack. Like your windshield.”). There’s also the Prime Rib Burger for our love of year-round barbecues (“Ready to grill hail, snow, or shine.”), and¬†C&G French Bread (that’s “crusty like rush hour on Deerfoot”) to name a few tongue-in-cheek Calgary-isms.

Quality and value were paramount in the creation of the new product lines, along with adding a little levity to shoppers’ daily lives. Fan favourites to try include Cal & Gary’s AAA Beef program¬†because it’s perfectly marbled, the C&G¬†Chicken Pot Pie (finished in-store with fresh rotisserie chicken), and¬†C&G Electrolyte Water made with natural minerals from the Rocky Mountains.

“Having our own private brands allows us to curate products tailored specifically to the unique needs of our members. Cal & Gary‚Äôs and Founders & Farmers feature products that our members have been looking for,” explains Ken Keelor, CEO of Calgary Co-op.

“Since mid-April, we have introduced 600 plus new private brand products including eggs, burgers, Only Alberta beef, chicken and lamb, produce, sparkling water, and bread.”

In the coming months, Calgary Co-op is releasing even more products. Members are encouraged to keep an eye on social media, member emails, and flyers to discover deals and new products.

There are over 1,700 local products on the shelves at Calgary Co-op. The grocery cooperative works to develop strong relationships with local producers whose products can be found in-store. As a result, shopping at Calgary Co-op allows Calgarians to support local in multiple ways under one roof.

To try out products from the new Cal & Gary’s and Founders & Farmers brands and discover more clever Calgary-isms, visit one of the 23 Calgary Co-op locations across the city.

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