These companies provide the fastest internet speeds in Canada

Oct 18 2022, 3:02 pm

Who provides the speediest internet in Canada?

If you’re looking into switching internet providers, network testing and analysis company Ookla has done all of the research for you.

The company released its latest report on the state of the country’s mobile and fixed networks on Monday.

The results are based on data from Speedtest, a site that tests internet speeds, created by Ookla.

Here are the findings:

Fastest mobile internet providers

TikTok not loading fast enough on your phone during your morning commute?

Ookla’s report reveals that among national mobile providers, Telus is the fastest with a median download speed of 76.03 Mbps.

That means you can easily watch YouTube and Netflix on your mobile device without the video lagging.



If you spend a lot of your data on video chatting with friends and family, you’ll need to have a fast upload speed.

According to Ookla, Rogers has the fasted upload speed at 9.19 Mbps.

This will let you video call without the awkward delays.



Fastest fixed internet providers

You shouldn’t have to compete for fast internet access with those in your household.

Whether you’re all working from home and are on Zoom calls at the same time, or all streaming Netflix to decompress in the evening, you’ll need a good fixed internet provider to handle the load.

Ookla’s report reveals that Rogers delivers the fastest median download speed at 223.89 Mbps.

At this speed, you can stream smoothly on multiple devices, download files quickly, and game to your heart’s content.



If you frequently send large files over the internet for work or leisure, you’ll need to look at the upload speed.

According to Ookla, Bell has the fastest median upload speed at 120.76 Mbps.



Hopefully this helps you decide on the best internet provider for you.

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