It's so cold in Calgary that a shirt can be used as a frisbee (VIDEO)

Jan 13 2020, 4:58 pm

Unless you’ve been living under a well-heated rock this past week, it should come as no surprise that it is painfully cold in Calgary right now.

Temperatures have dropped down to lower than -20°C and stayed that way throughout the weekend, with no relief in sight over the coming days.

Still, Calgarians are a little better at taking the cold weather in stride than their West Coast counterparts, and this winter is no different.

One Calgarian, Kyle Brittain, apparently made the mistake of leaving his clothes out to dry — causing a shirt and a pair of jeans to freeze solid in a comically flat formation.

In a video uploaded to Twitter on Sunday, Brittain shows just how stiff his outfit had become, smacking the jeans against the side of his house and even using the shirt as a frisbee for a game of catch with a friend.

“Almost decapitated me,” Brittain tweeted in reply to a user who noted that “the shirt toss looks deadly.”

Here’s a look at the frozen fun:

And while getting decapitated by a shirt frisbee might be dangerous, so too is the frigid weather that Calgary is currently facing — especially to those most vulnerable who may not have a place to stay.

If you happen to see someone caught out in the cold, be sure to follow these tips to ensure their safety.

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