City ends street sweeping program with over 35,000 parking tickets written

May 24 2019, 10:28 pm

It’s finally over.

The days of having to worry if you’ll find a City of Calgary street sweeping parking ticket under your wiper blades are done at last, though not before 35,000 tickets were written and handed out.

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A total of 35,489 tickets were handed out once all was said and done following the City’s 14-week street sweeping program.

Over 800 vehicles were also towed, according to the City of Calgary, which is an even pricier fate than the dastardly tickets.

street sweeping

Calgary street sweeping signs (City of Calgary)

If your vehicle was towed, the city’s website states that you may also be on the hook for the towing and impound fees.

The street sweeping began on April 1 and will continue until June, though the sweeping of residential streets was finished up this May 19.

Those who happen to receive a ticket can pay it for a discounted fee of $80 if done within the first 10 days, $90 after that, and $120 if the payment occurs after 30 days.

Given that 35,489 tickets were given out, it means that Calgarians are on the hook for $2.84 million if everyone paid within the first 10 days. 

If all those tickets were paid late, that collective number jumps up to 4.26 million. Yikes.

To be sure you’re not going to be $120 in the hole, be sure to pay your tickets sooner rather than later.

And hey, at least those streets look nice and clean!

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