Here are the most interesting complaints the city received about e-scooters

Dec 16 2019, 12:06 pm

Calgarians have some strong opinions about scooters, apparently.

The City of Calgary hosted a handful of public engagement events this past September in the hopes of giving the public a chance to put their concerns about the e-scooter pilot project on the record — and ideally, learn and improve from the input.

The engagement featured a number of pop-up events at centralized locations throughout the city, as well as an online survey that allowed Calgarians to comment on the program between September 20 and October 6.

The survey asked a number of questions relating to how, why, and when the public uses the scooters, as well as why those who do not use the scooters have been avoiding them.

And let’s just say that the answers ranged from obvious to… interesting.

We decided to sift through the hundreds of comments to find the most odd, detailed, or downright ridiculous for your own viewing pleasure — though if you’d like to read through them all, you can do so by following this link to the publicly available report.

(It should be noted that all comments were published verbatim on the City of Calgary’s report, and therefore have been here as well)

Question: Thinking about your most recent shared scooter trip, if you hadn’t used a shared scooter, how would you have traveled instead? (“other” responses)

  • Was in fron to of my house, just wanted to try it for 2 mins
  • Stayed home or walked as it was “just for fun” It was a waste of energy tho

Question: Why would you choose a scooter over a bicycle? (“other” responses)

  • My butt doesn’t share a common space with another person on a scooter and I can easily sanitize my hands
  • Those bikes look awful and you feel like a dork riding them
  • I’ve caught clothing in the bike chain before, not a great way to show up to work
  • It’s cooler than the bikes. Can you make the bikes cooler? They are big, clunky, and dorky.

Question: For what purpose do you usually use a shared scooter? (“other” responses)

  • tested the concept – danerous
  • Pokémon Hunting and Recreation
  • After a beer
  • Screwing around because they were ther
  • Drunken fun
  • Going downtown from Altadore for $6 instead of $16 (looking at you overpriced cab companies)
  • Downtown for biznazzzz

Question: Please select all of the reasons why you haven’t tried an electric scooter (“other” responses)

  • The most dangerous transportation on the road, just review the no. in emergency ward
  • They are dangerous & used SO IMPROPERLY, IT’S GROSS!
  • man-made climate change is a hoax
  • Too selfish
  • Winter!!!!
  • I think it provides a backward step in evolution as it stops us using our muscles
  • The stigma of being a ‘scooter person’
  •  I am adamantly opposed to everything about scooters and thus will not ride them
  • I’m Not Rude
  • CALGARY already has enough safe and reliable modes of transportation. This fad is an annoyance
  • I’m not a lazy piece of [removed]
  • I’m pregnant but they look awesome. A few friends have hurt themselves on them but I would still try
  • The scooters mine your personal data.
  • They’re a menace!!
  • Let’s start riding horses again in downtown over scooters

Question: If you did try a shared electric scooter, where would you prefer to ride it? (“other” responses)

  •  should not be in the public street, go to a park if you wish to be cool
  • There is currently no safe infrastructure for scooters. Period
  • 8th ave
  • But i would never
  • To the nearest recycling plant so the materials can be used for useful endeavours.
  • City hall corridors

Question: What would encourage you to try the scooter sharing in Calgary? (“other” responses)

  • This survey is biased towards the scooters remaining.
  • I value my life
  • If a really attractive woman wanted to go on a date on one.
  • Give me a new spine
  • required helmuts
  • Would need to be drunk
  • I prefer horses

Question: How did you first hear about the Electric Scooter Share Pilot? (“other” responses)

  • When one almost hit me
  • I see these stupid things parked everywhere.
  • They’re evrwhere you go downtown, can’t miss them
  • Saw the scooters, then read about it on news website.
  • Observation
  • In another country where apparently they can figure this kind of thing out cooperatively and with an open mind… something new… so scary! *face palm*
  • I go to Princess island every week

Question: Is there anything else you’d like us to know as we continue this pilot?

  • I live near a lot of bars and see drunk people crash into other people all the time. I have never seen a single person on a scooter to let someone who is walking go past nicely. The scooters are great but the riders are awful.
  • 80% of Calgary’s year is covered in snow.. do scooters even work in the snow?
  • Absolutely love it!!!!
  • electric scooters are the best thing since sliced bread
  • [removed] should resign since he’s a hypocritical [removed]
  • I e seen many accidents from scooters including taking people to the hospital (Fri 20 Sept latest with broken elbow). Too fast on sidewalk, hit dip. Safety education still key
  • I broke my elbow on one of these bad boys

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