Caucasian Calgary family relocated after racial bullying

Dec 19 2017, 2:28 am

A caucasian family in Calgary was relocated by public-housing officials after what they allege was racially-motivated bullying in their complex, according to The National Post.

The complex they moved out of, Shaganappi Village, has a large East African population, and Blair France said her daughters were the subject of taunting and physical bullying based on their race.

After rocks were thrown at the France family home in May, she spoke to the media and the mayor, and hosted an anti-bullying barbecue.

The National Post said that the barbecue was peaceful, but documents they obtained showed that the problem worsened rapidly afterwards.

An area supervisor said in the days following the barbecue, “Personally I believe this bullying is getting out-of-hand in the complex,” and that “the kids are doing the same thing” to another tenant.

Different ideas were floated such as parents sharing supervisor shifts or setting up extra-curricular activities, said Larry Hamm, operations manager for the Calgary Housing Company, which runs the city-owned property.

“There were definitely some issues and incidents that arose this spring and that went into this summer,” said Hamm to The Calgary Hearld.

“They were in the context of kids being kids. Were they inappropriate in behaviour? Absolutely. Were they unacceptable? Yes.”

The Calgary Housing Company threatened to kick out the residents who were causing the trouble. That’s when France’s daughters started getting death threats.

“They are so scared, they don’t want to go to school or even outside,” wrote France in a Facebook post. “We just need to move.”

The family moved the next day. The CHC wouldn’t confirm why they moved due to privacy issues.

“All of the people involved were making efforts to resolve the situation, but it wasn’t improving. So with the approval of the people involved, we took the right steps to resolve the situation,” said spokesman Darren Nimegeers.

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