Terrifying crash captured by dash cam on Southbound Deerfoot

Dec 19 2017, 11:00 am

A video captured by YouTuber Nan Xu, depicts how fast car crashes can happen.

Nan Xu had been driving home from work on the Deerfoot headed south when they caught the crash on their dash cam, according to a YouTube comment. It says that all involved are okay but are suffering from injuries.

One driver involved in the crash took to Reddit to comment:

“I am the driver of the Murano. My inclination was to speed up to avoid it but I felt it safer to pull over. If I had sped up, the truck would have likely smashed into the back side and killed my child. As it was the car is totalled and we are all alive. We do have injuries. We were heading back from a hospice where we were visiting palliative patients. I saw everything including what happened to that pt cruiser and I am thankful to have been able to react the way i did. There was a man named Jonathan Clarke that came to our aid before EMS arrived and he helped me stay conscious and cared for my 5 year old and our working therapy dog. I would have passed out without his help. He was the hero in this.”

Here is the video of the crash that occurred on Wednesday, January 20:
(Warning there is some strong language used near the end of the video)

[youtube id=”UtN2JxaW5IU”]


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