Internet reacts to Team Canada's upset loss against Germany

Feb 24 2018, 1:53 am

The 2018 men’s tournament for Olympic hockey has been anything but ordinary.

The lack of NHL players in this year’s tournament has created ample room for upset and surprise. Both Sweden and the United States were knocked out of medal contention by underdog teams.

The latest shocker, is an upset loss to Team Canada that leaves them fighting for a bronze medal. Not only did they lose to the surprising hands of Germany, but it’s the first time in eight years that the team hasn’t won gold.

The 4-3 loss, has been more than enough to shock the country.

A lot were quick to blame the NHL, for not allowing NHL players to go in the first place, though Gary Bettman shouldered a lot of the blame.

One even took a shot at the Vancouver Canucks, with a Canadian team heavily composed of a former Canucks coach and players.

Quite a few, however, handled it with one part grace and one part skepticism, thankful for the opportunity to see non-NHL players compete in the tournament.

The German Foreign Office also put out this nice message to its citizens residing in Canada:

Canada will face off against the Czech Republic, in pursuit of the bronze medal. Puck drops on Saturday, February 24 at 4:10 am PT / 7:10 am ET.

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