Calgary now home to Canada's sole vinyl pressing plant

Dec 19 2017, 2:36 am

Calgary’s own Canada Boy Vinyl is the only vinyl pressing plant in all of Canada, according to Global News.

The plant’s founders, Dean Reid and Dillon Romney, both worked in construction but had wanted a way to connect with music and musicians.

In 2014 there had been a plant like Canada Boy Vinyl one in Montreal, Rip V, but due to hardships they were forced to close their doors.

Although this may have happened roughly a year ago, Canada Boy Vinyl has high hopes and is already having trouble keeping up with the demand.

With orders already piling in, their goal is to press around ten thousand records a day.

The machines they purchased are from London and Germany, making the replacement of parts the only big concern.

Romney told Global:

“If something goes wrong, well you can’t call the manufacturer and say can you send me a new part for this? No. You have to get your engineer to try to ‘MacGyver’ something together, then you got to go a machine shop and try to get a part made. So if something goes wrong, well, it could take a long time.”

Starting the business was not easy either, having had a lot of skeptics, but they pulled through and are here in Calgary to stay.

Canada Boy Vinyl had their grand opening on September 12.

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