This Calgary student is a beer pong master (VIDEO)

Jan 24 2017, 7:04 pm

What started as a way to “put himself out there” turned into a series of viral videos for Calgary’s Andrew Borys.

Specifically, it’s the content of his videos that have people viewing and talking.

The Calgary marketing student has a knack for beer pong – throwing ping pong balls into liquid-filled-cups – and people have noticed.

So much so in fact, that the 21-year-old’s Youtube videos have more than 100 million views and he’s been invited to the World Series of Beer Pong in Las Vegas, which takes place in June.

For Borys, the opportunity to compete on the world stage is an unexpected bonus of pursuing his first hobby: video making.

“I first started making these videos back when I was in high school,” he told Daily Hive. “I never created these videos because of my love for beer pong. I was always pretty shy and reserved, but the thought of being on TV was really cool to me.”

When he first started making videos, he “would literally get 10 views a video, and that was by me constantly refreshing the page.”

Eventually, that number got to 100 views and “I thought that was a big deal,” he said.

Now, with his videos reaching the the 100 million-views mark, “it’s definitely cool to see how things have changed.”

And while he’s looking forward to Vegas, he acknowledged it’s  “going to be a learning experience, as I have never competed in a competitive game of pong in my life,” he said. “I create these videos more so to provide entertainment to my viewers.”

Borys also acknowledged that he’s “going to have a target” on his back at the tournament because of his videos.

For would-be YouTubers, or wannabe pro beer pong players, Borys has the same advice: Be patient.

“Things won’t happen overnight and there are a lot of hours and hard work that go in to doing whatever you want to do,” he said. “For all this success I have been beginning to see, it’s only started within the past five months or so. I’ve been creating these videos for more than five years.”