Calgary weather expected to warm right up the whole week through

Oct 26 2020, 10:11 am

We’re about to see a warm end to what has been quite the snowy October.

When the weather shifted at the mid-point of the month, it looked like winter had come early to Calgary.

However, even with snow covering the ground and November right around the corner, it appears that fall will be returning for at least a little while, given the warmer temperatures we’ll be seeing this week.

Monday will start things off by peeking above freezing with a high of 2°C this afternoon before dropping back down to a cold — though not painfully cold — -2°C overnight.

Tuesday’s when the real warmth begins, bringing temperature gauges all the way up to 9°C. Tuesday will, however, also bring the only hint of snow all week, with less than 1 cm expected to fall.

Wednesday’s follows up with a high of 4°C, Thursday brings things back up to 9°C, and Friday will be the warmest of the week at a high of 12°C.


Calgary weather this week (The Weather Network)

That high will; however, feel a little closer to 11°C, but we’re just happy to reach the double-digits here at the tail end of October.

Saturday and Sunday both bring with them highs of 7°C and 8°C and lows of just 0°C and 1°C, respectively.

That provides plenty of time for the current covering of snow to melt away, and we may even see a Halloween that looks closer to fall than winter.

Anyone living in Calgary likely knows that the warm weather can take a turn for the freezing at the drop of a hat around this time of year, though, so be sure to make the most of the warmth while you can!