Calgarians can expect highs of 19°C by start of next week

Apr 16 2020, 11:28 am

There’s not much to get excited about these days, but we’ve got a feeling that next week will be a little brighter than this one.

According to a seven-day forecast from The Weather Network, Calgary can expect some sunny skies and warm days between now and next Thursday, with highs reaching close to the 20s.

For a city that has seen some significant snowfall this spring, we’re sure that the news comes as a welcome relief.

It will take a little bit of tumultuous weather to get to that point, however, as Calgary is currently sitting at a sunny high of just 2°C.

Friday warms up to around 11°C, but at the expense of around 2 to 4 mm of rain and less than 1 cm of snowfall.

Saturday will be cloudy with a high of 6°C, but Sunday lives up to its name by being the first of a few stunningly sunny days.


Calgary weather this week (The Weather Network)

Calgarians can expect a high of 15°C on Sunday along with a mix of sun and clouds, resulting in around eight hours of sun throughout the day.

Monday’s the real crown jewel of the week, though, with the aforementioned high of 19°C and 14 straight hours of unimpeded sunshine.

Tuesday brings a few clouds and highs of 17°C, while Wednesday follows up with a high of 16°C and cloudy skies that could spell around 1 mm of rain.

That rain will continue into Thursday, with 5 to 10 mm of the wet stuff falling on a day that will reach a high of just 9°C.

But hey, we’ll take a mild, rainy day over another dumping of snow any day of the week!

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