7 wacky and weird foods at the Calgary Stampede

Dec 19 2017, 2:22 am

At the Calgary Stampede you don’t have to look very far when it comes to finding delicious treats, most of which are unconventional and amazing. Each year the Stampede unveils new highly creative, must-try treats and below is a list of the ones creating the most buzz.


Mini Donut Popsicle

This perfect Popsicle incorporates a Calgary Stampede classic, the mini donut, with
delectable frozen dulce caramel cream that will leave you wanting so many more.

Vendor: Family Squeezed Lemonade – Ice Cream

Red Velvet Chicken Strips

Image: Calgary Stampede

Image: Calgary Stampede

Individually, Red Velvet cake and chicken strips are delicious, but this combination might be just crazy enough to make it a new Stampede favourite. Definitely give this snack a try if you get the chance.

Vendor: Pub Grub

Glazed Donut Grilled Cheese

Image: Calgary Stampede

Image: Calgary Stampede

This Stampede treat might just the perfect combination of the best sweet and savory snacks out there. The sweet donut and savory melted cheese pair perfectly for the ultimate treat.

Vendor: The Big Cheese

Jalapeño Chocolate & Lime Fudge

Image: Calgary Stampede

Image: Calgary Stampede

This is the perfect example of unconventional flavours coming together in an oddly fantastic way. This interesting treat includes rich chocolate fudge infused with spicy jalapeño and zesty lime.

Vendor: Old Fashioned Fudge Inc.

Dragon Dog ($100 Hotdog)

Image: Calgary Stampede

Image: Calgary Stampede

This hot dog (with its record-breaking price) offers a foot-long bratwurst sausage infused with the cognac Louis XIII, which sells for $3000 a bottle. It’s then covered in Kobe beef, cooked in truffle oil, fresh lobster tail, cooked in butter and garlic, special Dragon sauces and finished with fine toppings.

Vendor: Dougiedog Diner Truck

Cockroach Pizza

Image: Calgary Stampede

Image: Calgary Stampede

This has to be the most interesting eat to hit the list. This is surely a pizza designed with a little extra crunch for the most daring of foodies. Who knows, maybe cockroaches and pizza go together really well?

Vendor: Rick’s Pizza

Ogre Cone


The legen-dairy Ogre Cone holds a whopping four litres of delicious ice cream that is sure to satisfy any ice cream lover, and could most likely feed your entire family.

Vendor: Monster Cones