5 courtesy tips for the Calgary Pride Parade

Dec 19 2017, 2:33 am

Hosting more than 120 new and returning floats and entries, the 25th Calgary Pride Parade, presented by ATB Financial, is promising to be a popular and fabulous event.

In 2014, Calgary Pride had its biggest year yet! The parade alone had 50,000 attendees and 102 entries with growth in the revitalized family zone. This year, they were able to close additional roads for the parade.

This year’s Pride Parade has outgrown its usual Stephen Avenue location as more spectators and participants are expected to visit. The tremendous growth has resulted in the parade being held along the much larger 9th Avenue, where the Calgary Stampede holds its parade.

The Pride Parade is set to begin at noon on September 6, and with the anticipation of a large number of spectators, it’s important to follow our guide to Calgary Pride Parade etiquette.

Appropriate time to come out

It’s a good idea to come early to the parade. But remember, just because you used your lawn chair, bowling ball, and the neighborhood cat to hold your spot, does not mean that other spectators won’t move your things, leaving you in the back row.

Even if you’re a little late, there is usually space at the parade. It may not be the front row but you should still be able to view the parade passing by.

It is also important to recall that smaller humans cannot see past larger ones so please be mindful of where you stand. If possible, try to help everyone have the best view they can.

Strut your stuff, later

Standing in the middle of an empty street, or even a popping, lively street, can be fun, but resist your urges until the parade is over. The parade path is where all the magic happens and there will be a lot less magic if you interrupt.

Stay on the sidewalk. If you got your front row seat on the curb, be aware of your feet sticking out as dancers and performers could trip on them.

If crossing the street is a must in the middle of the parade then wait for parade volunteers to help you do so safely.

Try to stay cool

It’s September in Calgary and that means the weather could be chilly or hot. So, dress appropriately. You may need to bring your sunscreen, shorts, sunglasses, a hat—or a parka. If you would like, bring that fancy umbrella to beat the heat or protect you from rain. Most importantly, the parade lasts for two hours so bring water and snacks.

Take it only if you want it

People will try to give you things like pamphlets and candy. Please don’t take it if you don’t actually want it. It is okay to politely refuse offerings.

Be aware of your garbage. Please don’t leave it on the street for someone else to pick up—be the better citizen.

Cheer and have fun

Be full of excitement! Cheer on the floats, dancers, performers, etc. as a lot of people have worked hard to make this event glamorous and fabulous.

It’s not every day you get to witness Calgary Pride displayed in such a fun and interactive way. Sit back, relax and have fun.

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