Calgary Police will launch Cycle Track enforcement this spring

Dec 19 2017, 10:55 am

Downtown Calgary’s new Cycle Track network is a work in progress, and as with anything new there is often a learning curve. In this instance, both cyclists and drivers are adjusting to the new Calgary bike lanes.

According to a recent News 660 story, Calgary police are expected to step up enforcement of the Cycle Track Network this spring.

The enforcement will be in place to ensure cyclists obey the rules of the road, just like any other motor vehicle, which includes stopping at red lights, stop signs, riding on the sidewalk, and yielding to pedestrians at designated crosswalks.

Cyclists are also bound by the new distracted driving legislation.

Police will also continue to enforce helmet laws. Those under the age of 18 caught without a helmet will receive a $69 fine.

A safety helmet must be:

  • Certified
  • Constructed so that it has a hard, smooth outer shell and is capable of absorbing energy on impact
  • Securely attached to a strap that is to be fastened around the chin of the person wearing the safety helmet
  • Free of damage or modification that would reduce its effectiveness.

If cyclists don’t adhere to the laws, they will be fined under the Traffic Safety Act, which will be on your driving record.

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