3 Calgary Police Service officers are facing criminal charges after an on-duty incident

Oct 6 2016, 12:00 am

The Alberta Serious Incident Response Team (ASIRT) has concluded their investigation into the conduct of certain Calgary Police Service (CPS) Officers during and after a traffic stop involving a motorist in July 2016.

ASIRT has confirmed that three CPS officers have been charged with criminal offences.

On July 31, 2016, the Calgary Police Service reported that a serious injury had been suffered by 34-year-old Clayton Prince, during his arrest on the evening of July 30, 2016.

Statements given by officers involved in the arrest were contradicted by footage captured on Police dashboard cameras. Two officers reported that Prince had committed the offence of resisting an officer while being arrested, while footage shows no resistance.

The investigation found that Prince, fled on foot after a vehicle stop and was located in the area of the 6700 block of Macleod Trail by CPS members. Once Prince had surrendered to police with his hands behind his back, facing down on the pavement, it is alleged that the officers committed an assault upon Prince.

Prince had broken ribs, a collapsed lung, a cut on his face and significant bruising. It is also alleged that once Prince was placed, handcuffed, in the back of a marked police vehicle, that an officer reached into the vehicle and dug the point of a key into his neck behind his left ear – an area known to be vulnerable to pain compliance techniques, resulting in an injury that became infected and required additional treatment.

Three members of the Calgary Police Service were arrested and charged with Criminal Code offences in relation to the events of July 30, 2016:

  • Const. James Othen, a nine-year member, has been charged with one count of assault causing bodily harm, one count of assault with a weapon and two counts of public mischief.
  • Const. Kevin Humfrey, a two-year member, has been charged with one count of assault causing bodily harm and two counts of public mischief.
  • Const. Michael Sandalack, a nine-year member, has been charged with one count of assault causing bodily harm.

Othen and Humfrey are also charged with public mischief after they allegedly made false statements reporting Prince had resisted an officer.

In a release about the charges, Calgary Police Chief Constable Roger Chaffin said, “These are serious allegations and we treat them as such. We always strive to treat the public with the highest level of respect and professionalism. In this case, it is now up to the courts to decide if these allegations meet the standard for criminal conviction.”

The CPS says they are “working diligently to ensure body worn cameras will roll out service-wide as soon as possible.”