Calgary's 10 most extreme outdoor enthusiasts on Instagram (PHOTOS)

Oct 19 2017, 2:35 pm

With the Rockies as our backyard, Calgary breeds a unique bunch of stoke chasers. We’ve got our fair share of skiers, boarders, hikers, climbers, and every other adventure sports lover you can think of.

To amp up your backcountry feels, have a gander at what Calgary’s most extreme are up to on Instagram:


This Calgary-based Brit is having a smashing time running around the woods. If the great outdoors didn’t already connect Robin to our beautiful mountains, his recent mountain-top engagement certainly did. The Rockies have captured his heart, so we’ve officially knighted Robin with full-blooded Calgarian status.


A world traveler who shines brightest in his backyard. Indra climbs rock, ice and anything he can get his hands on. He’s the spec you see off the highway, the one on top of the big peaks.


Every year there’s always one mountain day that sticks in mind and will likely stay with me my whole life. My first year here it was an insane sunset at some pond in K Country. Last year it was the bonkers sunrise I witnessed on the summit of Rundle. And unless something truly epic happens in the next couple of months, this year it’ll be the wildfire sunset @lm_little and I witnessed from the summit of Gap mountain. It was unlike anything I’d ever seen before. The sky slowly changed from a drab smokey grey to the pink hue seen here. We could only see the mountains next door due to the thick smoke from the wildfires but the warm temps, zero wind and 2 hours on the summit spent experiencing the most unique conditions I’ve ever encountered will surely make this one go down as one of my most memorable nights spent on a mountain. I’ve done a lot of epic, slightly crazy things since I’ve lived out here, but it’s always these tame nature porn moments that stay with me🌄🌄🌄 _______________________________ #getoutthere #liveagreatstory _______________________________

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Jaw-dropping photographer and expert scambler, Lucas doesn’t just photograph mountains; he captures the ear grinning vibes of the people who call our great ranges their home.

Found winter today in Lake Louise with @vvalchev @rob.lea and @carolinegleich. Was super stoked to receive a message a few weeks ago from Caroline that her and Rob were coming into Banff for a couple of weeks and wanted to meet up and stand on top of some things. Stoke was high because not only did they seem like super cool outdoorsy people, but it would mean I’d actually get to be hanging out with a couple of legit badass ski mountaineers (something I know nothing about). I look up to a lot of people out here, but to actually get to hang out and be in the presence of someone like Caroline who has put up a bunch of first ascents, skied off the summits of some massive mountains around the world, and just finished completing all the lines in the Chuting Gallery (the 4th person to ever do so, and the 1st women to do it), I honestly didn’t know what to expect. Turns out Rob and I have the same beautiful summit singing voice and would trade verses of terrible songs. Caroline is actually a black market smuggler and ate some summit pizza they brought in from the states without declaring and they both ended up being the most down to earth people I’ve ever met who might one day name a child Broccoli. Today was all kinds of awesome and I’m glad it was because I didn’t get @vvalchev anything for her birthday so today was my gift to her! A rad day on some rad mountains with the raddest humans. I’ve never been more grateful for this life than I was today. Thanks again y’all, I’ll be seeing you soon in Utah! _______________________________ #gratefulforthislife #getoutthere _______________________________

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The ultimate backcountry babe. Victoria is a force to be reckoned with and has an IG feed to prove it. Her summit counter’s at 115, what’s yours?


Just your typical city boy who thrives way up in the clouds. Always down to adventure; you’ll find Cody pushing the limits to the extreme every Friday after 5 pm.


If you love classic back-of-the-head nature shots, this is an account for you. Cathryn takes the focus off herself so you see what she sees—backcountry bliss at it’s finest.

Rise and shine!! It’s mountain time!! The smoke looks better in the mountains today! See you there ✌️

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In the outdoor community, there’s a fun fascination with yellow coats. Follow Lena and the adventures her oh-so-Instagrammable yellow jacket as the two of them summit session Calgary’s most photo-worthy peaks.


A weekend warrior always thirsty for rock and ice. Pushing the limits of each season one day at a time.

Another great course with Mountain Guide Brent Peters and his team at @peakstratagem From the top of the line tents to the 5 star backcountry food and quality instruction, it was a great experience. We learned the ins and outs of expedition planning, execution and survival for big mountains like Denali as many of our group are headed there in June. Unfortunately the Columbia “whitefields” lived up to their reputation and we did not have sufficient visibility to complete our goal objective #mtcolumbia so we doubled down on the map, compass and whiteout navigation practice and summited #snowdome instead. 📷: @vvalchev April 30 2017 #alpinementors #explorealberta #backcountryskiing #myjasper @tourismjasper #skimountaineering

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Vancouver born, Calgary-based pow shredder and avid rock climber. Once he’s climbed everything in the Rockies where will he go next?


Back to the mountains with @vagabondhearts and another view that I still can’t quite believe is real.

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Sunset and sunrise chaser, Ryan’s shots are the picture of serenity. His early morning sleep schedule is undoubtedly worth it to capture all these bangers.

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