Calgary Mayor Nenshi and Calgary MP Rempel in Twitter duel over 'math' comment

Jan 11 2017, 11:25 pm

Two well known Calgary politicians and avid twitter users have gotten into a public spat over what was taken as a sexist remark.

It all started on Sunday when Conservative MP Michelle Rempel (for the electoral riding of Calgary Nose Hill) and Mayor Naheed Nenshi tweeted back and forth over the impact of a property tax increase on suburban business owners.

The duel continued into Tuesday and escalated when Nenshi told reporters that “she was trying to make hay out of something she doesn’t understand.” He went on to say “I’m happy for her to wade in, I’m happy to have her help – but it’s sort of helpful if she actually knows what she’s talking about.”

Then the reporter asked Nenshi what Rempel was confused about and he replied, “She just didn’t understand what was going on. Apparently math is challenging, but hopefully she’ll figure that out.”

That’s when all sh*t hit the fan and the Rempelions and Nenshers went to battle alongside their leaders.

Nenshi apologized for the comment saying,

But it doesn’t look like Rempel is accepting it as she replied and retweeted with a single ‘lol.’

The conversation, if you can call it that, went on with people on each side insulting the other, some bringing up past tweets in one’s defence and some fuelling the fire.

Not sure if this feud is over, but closing remarks seem to have come on Wednesday.


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