Calgary ManTalks teaching audience how to rebuild after failure

Nov 22 2016, 6:24 pm

ManTalks is back again on November 28 with advice on how to rise above failure and defeat.

ManTalks is a growing international community that focuses on helping men build a legacy and find deeper levels of fulfillment in life. Events are open to both men and women with all perspectives welcomed.

November’s RE-BUILD event caters to those who have had something or everything break apart, teaching the audience how to rebuild. Whether you’re dealing with a failed relationship, your business has crumbled, your finances have suffered, or your health fails  – this month’s ManTalks is one you won’t want to miss.

The event on November 28 will feature three individuals who have overcome odds like these, who have managed to rise above the struggle and build an extraordinary life.

ManTalks RE-BUILD speakers

  • Matthew Ball

Matthew is a public speaker, writer, certified Divorce Coach, certified NLP Practitioner, and the President of Fairway Divorce Solutions. After going through his own divorce in 2010, he chose to help change the way divorce happens in Canada, in addition to helping men rebuild their lives after divorce. His eagerly awaited book “She’s Gone, Move On” is scheduled to be published late 2017.

  • Mike Shaw

Mike has a unique story of triumph that embodies human resilience in its purest form. Mike joined SafeStart in 2014 after recovering from a traumatic skiing accident in which he dislocated his neck, paralyzing himself from the neck down. Mike has a background in athletics, freestyle skiing and high performance coaching. Mike has a one-of-a-kind recovery story and a gracious perspective on life that is contagious.

  • Bruce Holstead

Bruce is an enthusiastic leader with 20 years of experience in project and business development and management. His colourful life experiences have allowed him to work in both the private and not for profit models of business. For the last fifteen years, he has been part of developing and operating socially responsible projects in Calgary. His current position is Director of Operations with Fresh Start Recovery Centre.

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Calgary ManTalks: RE-BUILD

When: November 28, 7 to 10 pm
Where: FS Cafe, 1506 4th St. SW, Calgary
Price: Tickets $30 – $40, buy online

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