5 must experience inner city Calgary hikes

Oct 7 2016, 4:02 am

Written for Daily Hive by David Morales

Hiking in Alberta is amazing thanks to our big beautiful back yard the Rocky Mountains. However, that being said, are you aware that there are some equally wonderful hiking adventures you can do directly inside Calgary?

Enjoy the perfect getaway without having to leave town. Grab your hiking boots, and make it out to one of these five beautiful Calgary inner city hikes.

Nose Hill Park

Created in 1980, the park rests on the north side of the Bow River. Nose Hill is an example of a grassy plains environment that existed before settlers began to reside in the area, and transform the landscape. Therefore, the area is full of different types of wildlife, plants, and mushrooms. There are many different paths you can take, and really enjoy the hiking environment, and sensation with out leaving the city.

The Weaselhead Flats

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Bordering on the West end of the Glenmore Reservoir, the Weaselhead Flats covers 237 hectares of land. Being on the reservoir allows the Weaselhead to have an extensive network of bike, and hiking paths. The park was created in 1980, and origin of the name is uncertain. However, the landscape is beautiful, and walking around the Weaselhead makes it feel like you escaped the city even if it’s only for a few hours. There are a lot of really nice spots to go skip rocks on the river, and even the opportunity to pop into Glenmore Landing after your hike for a coffee.

Fish Creek Park

Located in the south end of the city, Fish Creek Park was purchased by the provincial government in 1972. The park was then restored and open to the public in 1975. Surrounded by a beautiful natural environment, there are lots of activities to participate in at the park. They include biking, bird watching, boating, fishing, swimming, hiking, and wildlife watching. With so many wonderful activities, spending time at Fish Creek Park is the perfect place to spend some one on one time with nature.

Bowness Park

You’ll find Bowness park in the northwest end of Calgary. It has many features to offer the avid outdoorsman. and covers 30 hectares of land. Bowness park was founded after the First World War and a quick drive to the northwest allows you to immerse yourself into a beautiful natural environment filled with hiking paths, and cross-country skiing in the winter. Bowness Park has many amenities such as playgrounds, shelters, and washrooms. In the winter the park offers phenomenal ice-skating as well.

Edworthy Park

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Located in the southwest end of Calgary along the Bow River, Edworthy Park was founded in 1962 and covers 169 hectares of land. There are lots of pathways, and areas for hiking along the river. Edworthy Park additionally offers picnic areas, washrooms, and benches. On top of trails, there is also an extensive network of fields to play sports like soccer, and frisbee on.

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