Environment Canada issues heat warning for Calgary

Jun 14 2021, 10:09 am

Pull out your sunscreen and stay hydrated, YYC. A heat warning is in effect due to high temperatures in the forecast for Calgary on Monday.

At 4:44 am on Monday, Environment Canada issued the heat warning for Calgary, with extreme temperatures predicted to end tonight. Heat warnings are also in effect for much of southern and central Alberta, and these are likely to continue for the next three days.

“Heat warnings are issued when very high temperature conditions are expected to pose an elevated risk of heat illnesses, such as heat stroke or heat exhaustion,” reads Environment Canada’s website.

Temperatures near or above 29ÂșC, combined with overnight lows of 14ÂșC and up, are expected in many areas of the province, and Environment Canada advises taking the following precautions:

  • Consider rescheduling outdoor activities to cooler hours of the day
  • Take frequent breaks from the heat, and spend time in cool, indoor spaces when possible
  • Drink plenty of water and other non-alcoholic, non-caffeinated beverages to stay hydrated
  • Check for your children or pets before you exit your vehicle, and don’t leave any person or pet inside a closed vehicle for any length of time

Additionally, people should monitor for symptoms of heat stroke or heat exhaustion, which include high body temperature, lack of sweat, confusion, fainting, and unconsciousness.

Once a weather alert has been issued, Environment Canada asks locals and visitors to the warned region to continually monitor for weather updates.

It’s 21ÂșC, feeling like 22ÂșC, and clear in the city right now, and, according to The Weather Network, Calgary is expected to see mainly sunny skies and a high of 31ÂșC by Monday afternoon.

heat warning Calgary

The Weather Network

A “risk of strong thunderstorms” is likely as well, beginning at 4 pm on Monday and continuing into the evening.

Environment Canada issued a severe thunderstorm watch for Calgary at 10:30 am on Monday, stating that “conditions are favourable for the development of severe thunderstorms that may be capable of producing strong wind gusts, large hail and heavy rain.”

Tuesday is forecast to cool down a little, with a high reaching 25ÂșC and a chance of showers and a risk of thunderstorms expected throughout the day.

A high of 22ÂșC and sunshine are likely on Wednesday, while Thursday will bring temperatures of 23ÂșC and mainly sunny skies. Friday is forecast to be 24ÂșC and mainly sunny.

A chance of showers and 21ÂșC are in the cards for the first day of the weekend, with the possibility of two to four millimetres of precipitation on Saturday. Sunday is predicted to reach a high of 20ÂșC with a few showers, bringing another two to four millimetres of rain to the city.

heat warning Calgary

The Weather Network

It looks as if the heat warning will be lifted for Calgary after Monday, with a slightly cooler week and a rainy weekend heading our way. We wouldn’t expect anything less from Alberta’s unpredictable weather.

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