Calgary has 17th highest number of Ashley Madison users in the world

Dec 19 2017, 2:33 am

An increasing amount of information about the social media Toronto-based website Ashley Madison is leaking out and users are starting to sweat a little.

The site encourages married dating, with the slogan, “Life is short. Have an affair.”

Hackers released data from the site onto the internet yesterday, which was confirmed to be legitimate by Avid Life Media, the company that owns Ashley Madison.

“They knew where to look in order to lift the entire database,” Levy told CBC news, “This is not some kid working out of his or her mom’s basement. The person had advanced knowledge in order to pull something like this off.”

The hackers say they released the data because Avid Life Media refused to take down both Ashley Madison and Established Men, according to City News.

They released the numbers of users and Calgary is 17th on the list with 107,021 users participating on the site. Detailed data released and compiled from the Ashley Madision site includes body types, hair colour, eye colour and even reported smoking habits of users.

The company states that they do not permanently delete information even if the account has been closed.

As for credit card details and information, it was reported there has been at least three “vouched sources” saying their personal information and the last four numbers of their credit cards are in the leaked database, according to Krebs on Security.

Highest Number of Ashley Madison Accounts Per City in the World

  1. Sao Paulo (375,542)
  2. New York (268,171)
  3. Sydney (251,813)
  4. Toronto (222,982)
  5. Santiago (218, 125)
  6. Melbourne (213,847)
  7. Houstin (186, 795)
  8. Los Angeles (181,918)
  9. London (179,129)
  10. Chicago (162,444)
  11. Rio de Janeiro (156,572)
  12. Madrid (135,294)
  13. Bogota (123,559)
  14. Brisbane (118,857
  15. Brooklyn (110,859)
  16. Miami (109,505)
  17. Calgary (107,021)
  18. San Antonio (99,157)
  19. Dallas (97,096)
  20. Brasilia (97,096)


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