Gas prices in Calgary to drop throughout September

Sep 6 2016, 8:58 pm

Good news, Calgarians: gas prices are expected to drop throughout the month of September.

As it stands, average prices in the city are hovering around 92.9 and 96.9 cents per litre, and Dan McTeague with says they’ll drop another three cents by the end of the week.

“Some stations are already heading towards 87.9,” McTeague tells Daily Hive. “Gas stations are charged about 83 cents a litre to buy their gasoline – you have to have a margin of at least five or six cents a litre to cover incidentals and operating costs.”

As long as nothing dramatic happens at the refineries in the midwest, McTeague suspects gas prices will continue on a downward trajectory.

“It is the end of driving season, and there will be a move to winter blend gasoline in the next week or so, all those indicate – including a stronger Canadian dollar – that gasoline prices will drop in the foreseeable future in September.”

For the record, three Calgary Costcos are selling gas at 87.9 cents per litre right now at 112 Avenue NW, 84th Street SE, and Deerfoot Meadows.