Curb Your Enthusiasm is officially coming back to HBO for a 9th season

Jun 14 2016, 7:57 pm

I left, I did nothing, I returned.”

So said Larry David when asked about his decision to return to what is already HBO’s longest-running scripted comedy or drama series (80 shows to date).

Though ‘scripted’ seems generous here. Most of the show was supposedly run off of little more than a set scene/plot that the actors would then react to in character. And considering season 8 left off with Larry essentially accusing Michael J. Fox of faking his Parkinson’s disease to pull pranks, we can’t wait to see what unbelievably awkward situations he gets himself into in season 9. Especially when he’s likely had a few years of real life experience to build on.

More details about the upcoming season will be released as they’re confirmed. So for now we’ll just leave you with this:

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