No "ND" in sight: A Calgary community sign takes another hit

Jan 30 2023, 5:18 pm

A giant sign for a Calgary community is going to need even more work after losing another letter following a crash on Friday.

During Calgary’s slippery driving conditions, a vehicle slid off the road and hit the “N” in the Bridgeland sign.

The “D” has already been missing for quite a while, to the point where it has been a running joke and even a Halloween costume.

Calgary costume


And there is no hiding it as the sign is prominently featured on the route into downtown, meaning thousands of people notice it every single day.

The Calgary community isn’t hiding anything either, including the damaged sign on their monthly newsletter back in November.

Calgary costume

The Bridges/Bridgeland community newsletter

For all the fun people are having, it is a bit concerning there have been multiple collisions that were bad enough to damage the sign in the area.

As one Twitter user pointed out, the sign isn’t too far from some important and busy buildings in the area.

There is no update or timeline as to when the sign could be fixed.

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