City of Calgary implements changes to garbage pickup days

Apr 8 2020, 1:59 pm

In the Wednesday update from the City of Calgary, changes to garbage, recycling, and compost pickup were addressed.

Green carts will continue to be collected every other week, while black garbage carts will now be picked up every other week as well.

Blue recycling carts will be picked up every week, and the city reminds everyone that no extra bags, recyclables, or yard waste will be picked up at this time to ensure staff safety.

Citizens can check their pickup days online, or download the city’s Garbage Day app for iOS or Android.

“Our schedule changes were previously planned as a needed redesign of our collection routes to accommodate growth in the city,” said Sharon Howland of Waste & Recycling Services during the update.

“It just happens to be that it landed during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Howland also noted that many people may be using the extra time at home to do some spring cleaning. While garbage will still be picked up on a regular basis, many donation centres have closed their doors during the pandemic.

Howland encouraged Calgarians to hold onto items that could be donated for the time being instead of trying to throw them away.

While the changes to black cart pickup were determined prior to the pandemic, coronavirus has impacted the amount of staff available, which caused the city to stop the usual spring switch to weekly green cart pickup.

The city is also looking into safety protocols for picking up extra bags left beside carts, a practice they have temporarily suspended in the aim of keeping their drivers safe.

Anyone experiencing issues is encouraged to contact 311.