A group of Calgarians spread some holiday cheer, pay forward generous gift

Dec 30 2022, 6:27 pm

For many Calgarians, the holiday season can be a tough time, but it is also a time when we can see people’s best through their generosity.

An example of this took place at Luca in Calgary.

Reddit user “bartleyraces” shared a heartwarming story on the site a bit before Christmas.

The post says the charitable display happened when they were out for dinner with their wife.

And apparently, they went all out.

“We said no gifts this year, and instead, we would go all out on a big meal. Ordered the bloody lobster! And everything else on the menu basically.”

And after they were finished these Calgarians got quite the holiday surprise.

“Had a wonderful time and quite a buzz on only to find out someone anonymously at the restaurant picked up our whole tab! We have no idea who or why, and it was probably a $350 meal!! Thanks so much for making our night.”

With their Christmas date night paid for, the couple decided to make someone else’s night as well.

“Funny story is we had the cash in our pocket to pay for it and turns out the bartender serving us was a Ukrainian refugee fresh to Calgary. So we paid it forward and slipped the same amount to him.”

The post went on to thank whoever covered their meal and let them know the impact it had.

“Just wanted you to know your gift made our Christmas and went on to have ripples you probably never imagined.”

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