Calgarians happy despite doom and gloom

Dec 19 2017, 2:40 am

Calgarians are pretty happy with life if the most recent findings from the Calgary Foundation’s 2015 Calgary’s Vital Signs Report on quality of life are to be believed.

The report, now in its ninth year, showed that people would give the city a B grade; which means that their quality of life is good but that some improvements could be made. Overall Calgary’s score remained the same as 2014. However there were some signs of unease with only 69 per cent of the 1,819 Calgarians surveyed describing themselves as happy, compared with 87 per cent from the previous year.

The report is an annual check-up that invites citizens to rate their quality of life based on seven categories: arts, community connections, lifelong learning, wellness, environment, thriving populations and living standards.


The letter grades indicate as follows: (A) Excellent, stay the course, (B) Good but some improvements could be made, (C) Average performance, suggest more effort needed to address these issues, (D) below average performance, additional work is required, and (F) Failure, immediate action is crucial.

2015 Calgary’s Vital Signs Report Grades

  • Arts (B)
  • Community Connections (B-)
  • Lifelong Learning (B-)
  • Wellness (B-)
  • Environment (B-)
  • Thriving Populations (C+)
  • Living Standards (C+)

Although the city’s overall grade remained unchanged from 2014, Calgary did drop in the Thriving Populations and Living Standards categories; both of which held a grade of B- last year.

Among the most interesting findings, the report showed that 49 per cent of Albertans would struggle to meet their financial obligations if their paycheque was delayed for one week. It also revealed that Calgary struggles with 68 per cent of its hate crimes being linked to race – something of particular significance given that it remains the second most most attractive city in Canada for immigrants.

Overall however the report suggests that Calgarians’ quality of life has remained stable, despite the economic doom and gloom that engulfs the city. “We face many challenges that come with an ever-growing city and struggling economy,” Eva Friesen, CEO and President at the Calgary Foundation said. “But we continue to be one of the best places in the world to live where 67 per cent of Calgarians indicated a strong sense of belonging.”

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