9 things that happened in the business world last week you should know about

Dec 19 2017, 11:29 am

Each week, Calgary Buzz brings you news and good news roundups, giving you insight into things happening outside Calgary that you should know about. Today, we bring you the first business news roundup.

Starting today, we, Darcie Crowe and Ludovic Siouffi of Crowe Siouffi Wealth Advisory Group, will give you a look at some of the most important business highlights you need to know, ranging from things happening here in Canada to those around the world.

Before kicking things off this first week, get to know us a little bit:

Darcie Crowe

Darcie is a graduate of the honors business administration (HBA) program at The Richard Ivey School of Business and has been with Canaccord Genuity Corp. for over 12 years. After Canaccord Financial Inc.’s acquisition of Genuity Capital Markets in 2010, she followed her passion to focus her work with individuals and families in achieving financial success. She places great emphasis on staying current with economic and market trends as well as innovative product developments. As a holder of the Certified Investment Manager designation, she provides the expertise related to structuring of portfolio strategies through a process of strategic allocation. She was also recently named as a 2016 Women of Influence by Wealth Professional Magazine.

Ludovic Siouffi

Ludovic holds an MBA from the University of Hong Kong in partnership with Columbia Business School in New York and has been with Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management since 2012. With years of professional and personal financial market experience, he specializes in providing comprehensive and tailored investment solutions to high net worth families, entrepreneurs, and corporate entities. After joining Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management in 2012, he was awarded the Top New Advisor of the Year Award across all investment firms in Canada, just three years later. He holds the Chartered Investment Manager designation and also serves as a licensed Life Insurance specialist. He’s a strong believer in giving back to the community you live in, and spends much of his time to a variety of organizations in the city.

1. Tweet limits won’t include web links and photos anymore

Twitter is finally excluding web links and photos in their character limits! This long overdue change is expected to be implemented within the next several weeks according to Bloomberg’s Sara Frier.

2. Smartphone fingerprint locks aren’t cop-proof

Is only one incident fuelling the FBI’s fight with Apple? It’s looking like the San Bernardino incident is giving most of the traction for the feud, as the shooter Syed Farook’s outdated iPhone lacked fingerprint security. With over 250 million phones around the globe using fingerprint ID, law enforcement is hoping to have criminals use their finger.

3. Mercedes and BMW should be scared of Tesla

Tesla’s threat to premium European automakers is real, as the success of their Model 3 electric car has attracted over 325,000 down payments. Auto makers like BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz and Porche are feeling the pressure of this shockingly powerful new market entrant. While this isn’t their first rodeo it’s proving to be their most worrisome.

4. Warren Buffett just bought a $1 billion stake in Apple

Apple shares were abruptly positive on Monday as Warren Buffet disclosed Berkshire Hathaway’s $1 billion US investment.

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5. Which president would be better for Canada’s economy?

Everyone knows the great effect of U.S. politics on the Canadian economy, so who’s better for us: Trump or Clinton? As the poles wind down, Canadians are starting to wonder and are asking the tough questions.

6. Chinese real estate investments created over 200,000 American jobs over the past six years

China’s love for American real estate is bringing a lot more to the table than new and improved skylines; the American people are getting jobs.

7. Oil prices hits six-month high

Oil prices are at a 2016 high as global supply interruptions and a bearish Goldman Sachs are lifting the markets. Stockpiles at the U.S. futures storage see limited gains however.

8. North Korea is a hacking superpower

North Korea’s nuclear fear tactics have failed to provoke panic, as American and South Korean officials severely doubt Pyongyang’s “nuclear war”.

9. Fort McMurray insurance claims could reach $6 billion 

Fort McMurry wildfires continue to burn and one credit rating agency is forecasting insured damages to amount between $2 to 6 billion.

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