Anti-racism protest marching through Calgary this afternoon

Jun 19 2020, 10:50 am

Calgary is set to see an anti-racism protest march through the city streets this afternoon.

The United Black People Allyship Movement (UBPA) has organized a march at the Calgary Board of Education headquarters and City Hall for this Friday, June 19, as part of the ongoing fight against systemic racism.

The Canada’s Hidden Hand In Slavery March will begin at 2 pm at the 10th Street Bridge and aims to mobilize Canadians against the “oppressive and racist policies set out by our own Canadian governments,” an Instagram post from the group states.


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The protest will be marching on CBE headquarters in a call to reform the current curriculum and add minority perspectives in opposition to the current white narrative used to discuss Canada’s major historical events, including the role Canada played in the slave trade and the genocide of Indigenous peoples.

“The whitewashing and omission of these traumatic events and glorification of colonization throughout the curriculum allows for a level of ignorance to exist within Calgary school grade K-12,” the post states.

“Therefore, further cultivating an environment for systemic racism to thrive within Calgary schools.”

The march will leave 10th Street Bridge at 3 pm and is expected to arrive at CBE headquarters at 3:30 pm, before heading to City Hall at 5 pm.

Another post from the UBPA states that police have helped the group block roadways in order to protect attendees and that “police have guaranteed that no one will be arrested or fined.”


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