5 epic breakfast burgers to kick-start your day

Aug 26 2016, 10:59 pm

When it comes to the most important meal of the day, sometimes you gotta go big, or go home. This is Alberta, after all!

Fewer breakfast items cross the threshold from genius hybrid to decadent mash-up quite like the breakfast burger. Sure, you can be cool and just “put an egg on it” anytime of day, but there is something so badass about ordering a burger for breakfast.

Hit up these five spots in Calgary where you can kick-start your day with a big ol’ beef-y breakfast burger.

Good Morning Burger at Diner Deluxe

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Wake up and eat the sunshine when you encounter Diner Deluxe’s Good Morning Burger. They add an over easy egg, the groceries (aka lettuce, tomato, and onion), bacon, cheddar, and basil hollandaise piled on a seeded bun.

Address: 804 Edmonton Trail NE
Phone: 403-276-5499

Address: #104, 350 Aspen Glen Landing SW
Phone: 403-457-3000
Twitter: @diner_deluxe

Brunch Burger at Holy Grill

Epic breakfast dishes are for sure what you’ll find at Holy Grill. Tuck into their Brunch Burger: It’s a grilled 6oz prime rib burger topped with cheddar, bacon, red onion, tomato, sunny-side-up fried egg, with mustard on a poppy seed bun. Oh, plus fries on the side, of course.

Address: 444 5 Avenue SW #200
Phone: 403-454-4659

Address: 827 10 Avenue SW
Phone: 403-261-9759
Twitter: @HolyGrill

Tony’s Breakfast Burger at Spolumbo’s

Spolumbo’s is a Calgary classic. Give your morning a meaty greeting with their Tony’s Breakfast Burger. It’s their 6-ounce Spolumbo’s burger topped with an egg and a slice of capicollo ham, and served on a warm brioche bun.

Address: 1308 9 Avenue SE
Phone: 403-264-6452

The Bangover at The Daily

A carry over from the Mighty Skillet truck menu, the Bangover burger at Kensington’s The Daily will try to soothe your hangover with a bang. The details: Fresh beef patty, aged cheddar, bacon, soft egg, pickle, spicy aoili, served on a toasted english muffin.

Address: 1126 Kensington Road NW
Phone: 403-283-9400
Twitter: @DailyYYC

Breakfast Burger at ACE Coffee + Diner

“Wake up and be awesome” is the motto of ACE Coffee + Diner, a newcomer to the breakfast and lunch scene in YYC. Their Breakfast Burger is made with Top Grass organic beef,  a sunny-side up egg, pancetta and hollandaise. Sounds awesome!

Address: 8244 9 Avenue SW
Phone: 403-475-1788

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