17 must see pictures from Beakernight 2016

Sep 20 2016, 8:29 am

The robots have been powered off and the inventions packed away after this year’s signature Beakerhead event, Beakernight, kindled the fire of scientific inquiry and artistic expression.

Located in Calgary’s Bridgeland neighbourhood, the usually quiet residential area was turned into the city’s largest science lab in an event that drew tens­ of ­thousands of curious Calgarians.

After a night of child­like wonder, here are the top photos from Beakernight.


Giant inflatables, some 35 feet big, peppered the Beakernight grounds and welcomed event goers. The smaller inflatables were paraded throughout the grounds as attendees were encouraged to get interactive.

Art Installations

Beautiful exhibits from talented artists with a scientific touch dazzled the crowd, including a balloon-orchestra entitled “Cyclique.” The light and sound installation featured 256 LED balloons dotted across a field that swayed dreamily and blinked in-time to the music.

On the subject of incredible art installations, one can’t overlook what’s called “Efflorescence.” These aren’t the kind of flowers you want to stop and smell. Instead, event goers stopped to watch powerful flames shoot out of metal structures….from a safe distance.


If there’s an understatement to be had, it’s that there was no lack of entertainment at Beakernight. Trippy EDM performances and hilarious presentations on all that goes ‘kaboom’ kept the strict attention of those who stopped to check out what’s what.

Great balls of science! Mad scientists Dr. Raj Bhardwaj and Dr. Daren Markland made balloons and ping-pong balls explode before an eager crowd.

Image: Beakerhead 2016

Image: Beakerhead 2016

Image: Beakerhead 2016

Image: Beakerhead 2016

Image: Beakerhead 2016

Image: Beakerhead 2016

Live music and duelling robots led to one insane performance! Miami based DJ Kryoman laid out sweet beats of Trap, Hip Hop and Dubstep, while two battle-hungry robots went knuckle to knuckle with frozen nitrogen cryo-steam. Luckily it was an outdoor performance.

Interactive Exhibits

Not surprisingly, Calgary’s art, science and engineering event is heavy on crowd interaction and this was evident with several exhibits that encouraged people to get their hands dirty or pose for a photo op.

Meet Paltronus! This 408 kilogram, 9 foot tall robot was a labour of love. A big one. It’s official name is Giant Killer Robot, or GKR-001, and it was at Beakernight to protect event-goers and make a pretty fabulous photo-bomb.

Robro. #yyc #beakernight

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While most people have painted with typical supplies such as acrylic or oil paints, most have probably never painted with bacteria. That’s right, bacteria. The Picasso Petri Dish had members of the public create mini-works of art in a petri dish with benign bacteria. The incubated art was later put up for everyone to enjoy.

Social Entrepreneurship

This year’s Beakerhead played heavily with the theme of science solving serious social issues afflicting today’s world. Several movers and shakers rose to the occasion with inventions to shelter displaced people, help people escape and stay safe in tsunamis, among others. One particular invention called LuminAID, brings light to people with inflatable lanterns powered by the sun. It also made for a beautiful art exhibit.

Written for Daily Hive by Sylvana Crosby

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