Beakerhead calls for 2016 art proposals

Dec 19 2017, 2:50 am

Want to make your idea a reality? The organisers behind Beakerhead, a combination of both art and engineering that comes to Calgary every September, are asking Calgarians for their proposals.

Beakerhead is looking for delightful and inspiring installations, kinetic sculptures, objects and experiences that open an entertaining door to the world of science and engineering and which involve groups and communities in their design and fabrication.

Who can participate?

Concepts from community, groups or neighbourhoods are being sought out by this call for proposals, youth should be considered as a part of the creative implementation team. All of the concepts should be envisioned as a project and should need community volunteers to work and build, while utilizing both creative and technical skills.

Proposals that are successful will be those that are collaborative, ingenious and educational. Beakerhead encourages designs that contain repurposed, reclaimed or recycled materials.

Important Dates

The deadline for the design concept is on midnight on January 30. If your project is chosen to receive financial support than you will be notified on February 10, 2016. Once chosen the project must be completed by September 14 to 18, to show Calgary your creation.

Pieces should be appropriate for both indoor and outdoor and have the ability to be installed in five days as well as survive unsupervised public environments.

If your project is chosen for completion $6,000 will be  provided for materials plus up to $3,000 for contracted services; e.g., installation assistance, educators, welding, crane, shipping, etc. pending approval.

If you would like to apply here’s how!


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