Another BC wildfire smoke air quality advisory issued in Alberta

Jul 19 2017, 4:56 am

Environment Canada has issued another ‘Special air quality statement‘ for Calgary this today.

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“A smoke event is likely for central Alberta and portions of southern Alberta on Wednesday,” reads the statement.

“Forest fires in BC are generating huge amounts of smoke over western Canada. A cold front has flushed a lot of the smoke out of the province, but the smoke will once again cross the Rockies tonight and Wednesday.”

Elevated values of the Air Quality Health Index will reach 10 in some areas of Alberta today – which is high.

“There is some uncertainty as to where the thickest smoke will set up, but current indications are that the corridor of thickest smoke and poorest air quality will be between Hinton, Red Deer, and Edmonton.”


  • Stay inside if you have breathing difficulties
  • Find an indoor place that’s cool and ventilated.
  • Using an air conditioner that cools and filters air may help.
  • If you open the windows you may let in more polluted air.
  • If your home isn’t air-conditioned, consider going to a public place (library, shopping mall, recreation centre) that is air-conditioned.
  • Avoid roads with heavy traffic
  • Avoid areas with wood smoke
  • Stay cool and drink plenty of water
  • “Manage” any asthma, chronic respiratory disease or heart failure
  • If symptoms continue to be bothersome, seek medical attention

And if you have chronic underlying medical conditions:

  • Stay in a cool, air-conditioned environment
  • Reduce indoor sources of pollution, such as smoking and vacuuming
  • Run an air cleaner. HEPA filters can help reduce indoor particulate levels
  • Take shelter in air-conditioned buildings
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