Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe talks Alberta, me-time, and more

Dec 19 2017, 11:15 am

Kaitlyn Bristowe became a household name last year to Bachelor and Bachelorette fans all over North America. Not only was she coined ‘the most controversial bachelorette ever,’ but to Canadian fans, she was more importantly one of us.

The small town Alberta native (or medium town – Leduc – if you know Alberta well enough) as well as Vancouverite, caught up with Calgary Buzz while promoting two campaigns: me-time and SmartStash. Me-time focuses on carving out time for yourself during the day, free from work obligations, meal preparations, and family obligations, and SmartStash is about keeping a secret stash of snacks at arm’s reach while safely hidden from other family members.

How did you come up with the idea of ‘Me-time’ and the term ‘SmartStash’?

I’m finding out that i’m not the only one who needs to hide my snacks from my significant other. I feel like if you ate guys’ snacks they’d be like whatever, but I feel like to girls that’s a thing. When Shawn goes to the gym and I get to have my ‘me-time,’ time that we don’t get very often because we work as a couple, I grab my SmartStash and relax.

I have to hide it from him and the dogs, so I decided to hide it in the pots and pans because he doesn’t cook. Then I put on Ellen and have a glass of wine, some chocolate to go with the wine and SmartFood, the new Jalapeno Cheddar Flavour.

Image: Kaitlyn Bristowe / Calgary Buzz

Image: Malika Karim / Calgary Buzz

How important is it to get ‘me-time’ for you?

I feel like it’s hard to get [me-time] in my world. Shawn and I came off the show and I was constantly surrounded by producers, and cameras, and I never had time alone. I feel like that really messed with my emotions and I became more aware of how much I needed ‘me-time.’

Coming out of it, you’re doing appearances with your fiancé, you live with them, everyone wants to see you together the whole time. And it’s not like I don’t love being around him, it’s that to keep your own sanity, he needs to go work out at the gym and I need to have my alone time where I meditate now and light some candles. It makes a world of a difference in our relationship too if we miss each other for a little bit.

Do you think romance can be manufactured?

Well, yeah, I think it was on the show. But it’s a real test when you come off the show to see if the romance is still there because it’s circumstantial when you’re on the show. They put you in these situations and I think coming off of it for us, we didn’t want extravagant things. We couldn’t wait to just sit on the couch in our sweats and watch a movie, because we didn’t get that on the show. That was the time we really cherished and that was when we realized we are in love, we’re glad it was what we thought it was.

Image: Kaitlyn Bristowe / Facebook

Image: Kaitlyn Bristowe / Facebook

What is some relationship advice you can give to our readers?

I think it’s important to have hours in the day where you don’t have a cellphone. I feel like that is the most crucial quality time for us, when we don’t have our cellphones and we have conversations, or play card games, or take the dog out for a walk and just leave the cellphones at home. It’s such a distraction when you’re constantly on your phone, you’re just not in the moment.

I feel like all these kids who are growing up these days are going to be in their 40s and say ‘I don’t remember anything of my childhood.’

Image: Kaitlyn Bristowe / Facebook

Image: Kaitlyn Bristowe / Facebook

How do you choose to align yourself with certain products? What advice would you give someone starting up their own online personal brand?

I want to stay authentic and I like to do things that work for me. As for advice, don’t just do whatever comes at you, do things that people would look at and say, “Yeah she would do that, and that suits her.” I have so many things that i’m passionate about, whether it’s food, hair, or makeup, so I stick to what is me.

Why did you chose to team up with SmartFood?

SmartFood is actually a funny story. I feel like it’s a moment between my mom and I that we would always share SmartFood. I remember back in the day the White Cheddar and we would always share it together and watch TGIF. To me it was more about the ‘me-time’ as well and how people do that, and SmartFood has always been part of my ‘me-time’ and it was just perfect. I’m not going to talk about it and be like “oh yeah, its great!” This is a memory of mine.

What are some of your fondest memories from growing up in Leduc?

The hockey rink. My dad coached hockey and I figure skated. So even now when I smell the scent of a rink i’m always taken back, and my dance studio that was basically my second home.

Any future plans on coming back to Alberta?

To visit, yes. I love coming back to Alberta. People are friendly so I love coming back for that reason and to see my family.

You left Alberta when you were 19 and moved to Vancouver on a dance scholarship and then cheer-leaded for the BC Lions. Any plans on heading back to Vancouver at all?

We actually miss Vancouver so much. We lived in Vancouver for the summer after we came off the show and Shawn fell in love with it, so we’re actually planning on living in Vancouver in the summers. It feels like a vacation to me, because when I grew up in Alberta our vacations would be in B.C. I will be back, Vancity Buzz!

What are some summer beauty tips you’re going to use?

Well if anyone knows me, they know that i’m obsessed with spray tans. I’m all about staying out of the sun and doing that for your skin. I also get HydraFacials, and, honestly, I look at my skin the next day and say oooh I’m glowing.

I’ve recently taken out extensions from my hair, from when I was on the show, and cut it. I’m really trying to be natural with my hair and in the summer i’m going to try the whole natural thing. I’m going to wear less make-up, more moisturizing, less blow drying and curling, more natural waves. I think I just feel better when i’m doing that.

Who is your favourite rapper right now?

I love Drake, and it’s not because he’s Canadian. I don’t care what people say, he is good. His songs are so catchy and genius and I love him. And I also like Fetty Wap, there’s something about his voice I like it.

Who is your favourite rapper of all time?

Eminem, Ice Cube, and Biggy. I don’t even know who would be number one, I love them all.

Kaitlyn and her fiance Shawn Booth currently live in Nashville, Tennessee with their dog Tucker. You’ll see them and some of the other contestant friends from the Bachelor and Bachelorette on an upcoming episode of Celebrity Family Feud.

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